‘Exotic dream pop with a painterly touch’  Clash

‘With moody yet charming vocals and ethereal electronic arrangements, her lyrics capture moments existing between the mundane and the extraordinary’  
Born Music

‘‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ is a sublime piece of electro pop.
Vents Magazine

Close to Falling Asleep’ follows the lines of ZoZo’s debut single ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’, with the sweeping synth soundscapes and chilled electronic beats typical of her sound still present. However, the new song portrays the topic of love in a different tone, in opposition to the previous track, which discussed the emotions felt when waking up next to a stranger, though still in a melancholic way.

ZoZo says‘We’d grown closer knowing no one knew, a secret from the world. I wrote Close to Falling Asleep when my mind had finally decided it was the end.”

Format: Digital Single
Catalog: KMRDD123
Released: 06.02.2018