The Muscle Club – Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs

“By the time the understated bonus track kicks in, The Muscle Club will have stolen your heart. Frenetic, familiar and bloody good fun,Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs could well be a late contender for debut of the year” – Bearded Magazine

“If Pete Doherty still made music that mattered – stuff like the Libertines debut – it might sound something like this debut mini-album. Intelligent, visceral, and far from fragmented” – The Fly

“There’s still a tender edge and exuberance to the band, which is perhaps unsurprising given that they formed a little under two years ago but, nonetheless, Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs is a persuasive calling from a band with an exciting and tantalising future ahead” – The Playground Magazine

A charmingly ramshackle noise from a Cardiff quartet who are cleverly straddling the line between knock-about pop and fuzzed-up jerk-rock. Scratch the surface of yelps and broken guitars and there’s a real songwriting nous” – Music Week

“The Muscle Club have gone about defining what makes a great 20th Century indie record” –

“There is something about The Muscle Club’s debut release that is just so … good. The individual parts of the record are very good, occasionally bordering on exceptional. The drumming is a joy to listen to, reminiscent at times of Matthew Tong from Bloc Party. The guitars are technically excellent and the lyrics, sometimes insightful, are evoked through wistful vocals” – Music News

Format: CD (limited to 500 copies)/Digital EP
Catalog: KMRCD001
Released: 10th January 2009