The Blueskies – Souvenir

“Primal Depeche meets The Killers in a dark alley with stories of loves lost and many strange friends” – Q Magazine

“As the record wraps up with the poignant ‘Thanks For Asking Why’ and the absolutely storming synth party stomp of ‘Royal Blood’, it’s clear that this mini-album means the start of something special for the band” – Shaken Stir

“This six-track EP from Brighton’s The Blueskies demonstrates their ability to convert honest emotion into cathartic, catchy songs. An electronic flair underpins the introspection of their lyrics while simultaneously propelling their upbeat emoldies with confident urgency” – Music Week

“With tracks that work equally as well on the radio as on the dancefloor, this is a group that look set to make more than a few people smile” – Get To The Front

“Six tracks of undeniable pure electro-pop perfection” – Music News

Format: CD (limited to 500 copies)/Digital EP
Catalog: KMRCD002
Released: 10th May 2010