Caught in the Strange - Packshot

Racing Glaciers – Caught in the Strange

Racing Glaciers release their debut album ‘Caught in the Strange’, culminating the sound of their three EPs for their first full length release. Featuring the singles ‘Seems Like a Good Time’, ‘Samadhi (So Far Away) and ‘Patient Man’.


  1. High Love
  2. Seems Like a Good Time
  3. Nag Champa
  4. Caught in the Strange
  5. Sertraline
  6. Naked We Rise
  7. Carry It On
  8. Patient Man
  9. Hey Man, What’s the Rush?
  10. Samadhi (So Far Away)
  11. Young & Unsure
Format: Digital Full Length
Catalog: KMRFL082
Released: 05.08.16