With the tenth compilation in a row, New Moons are further developing their strong reputation for discovering talent, providing fifteen sterling tracks to its fans. 2018 sees Killing Moon celebrate its seventh year of existence with the label now being a big force in unearthing new and exciting artists all over the UK.

And heck, is number 10 fierce—kicking off with Sick Joy’s fat sensorial distortion, drifting onto Totally Mild’s lackadaisical river raft, and folding in heartfelt expositions from Paul Aiden and Meilir, New Moons: Volume X is a surefire soundtrack to the twists and turns of your infallibly interesting summer.


  1. Sick Joy “Senses” 
  2. Bessie Turner “In My Room” 
  3. Cool American “Focus” 
  4. History & Lore “Lights” 
  5. Stranger Girl “Thinking Down” 
  6. Totally Mild “Underwater” 
  7. Johnny Kills “Who’s Counting?” 
  8. Alluri “Balyamm (Live)” 
  9. Paul Aiden “Drag” 
  10.  Jade Imagine “Walkin’ Around” 
  11. Daze “Sleep Paralysis” 
  12. Man Without Country “Lafayette”
  13. Safe To Swim “Struggling” 
  14. Fizzy Blood “Haunted (Live)” 
  15. Meillir “Glasshouse” 
Format: Compilation Album
Catalog: KMRDD150
Released: 08.08.2018