New Moons IX

New Moons Vol. IX

“One good song can launch an artist’s career if it reaches the right ears, and making sure it does is what [Killing Moon] aims to do” – Music Week

“This compilation once again proves how vital Killing Moon are to the new music spectrum” – When The Gramophone Rings

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  1. SHE “Body Talk”
  2. Bad Pop “Linda Ronstadt”
  3. Fizzy Blood “ADHD”
  4. ZoZo “I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight”
  5. Beach Riot “She’s a Hurricane”
  6. Bat and Ball “It Goes In”
  7. Moses “Wake Up”
  8. Annabel Allum “Spit”
  9. Parker “Doubles”
  10. Draper “Worst of Us”
  11. Pale Honey “Golden”
  12. Beasts “Creature”
  13. Mantra “Hypochondria”
  14. Johnny Kills “My Shirt Guy is High”
  15. Ifi Ude “Love is Stronger”
  16. Alluri “Endukala”
  17. The Solars “Goddess of the Suburbs”
  18. Heavy Heart “Fruit Fly”
  19. Harley Alexander “Tiny Bricks”
  20. Lucy “Taste of Soap”
  21. Annie Hart “Hard to be Still”
  22. Chris Lee + The Wreck House “Misery”

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Killing Moon’s latest compendium of hot picks – New Moons: Volume IX – is out now.

We’re nine compilations in and showing no sign of stopping any time soon; past editions have featured the likes of Fickle Friends, Fatherson, Tall Ships, Ecca Vandal, Puppy and Nadine Shah. Episode nine might just be the best yet, with twenty-two of the hottest picks to grace our earholes as of late.

2018 sees Killing Moon celebrate its seventh year of existence. Starting off as a nearly-award-winning blog in 2012 (which itself has been cited as launching the careers of Foxes, Alt J, Royal Blood and many more), Killing Moon has since expanded into a successful record label, artist management company, and live promoter.

Killing Moon has in its lifespan received press plaudits ranging from Music Week and Billboard to London In Stereo and When The Gramophone Rings, as well as praise from radio remits such as Radio 1, Radio X, 6Music and Amazing Radio for its ability to be the first to detect new musical brilliance across a range of genres and develop those artists.

The ideals and tenacity of Killing Moon, as well as the tendency to punch above its own weight, find themselves embodied in the highly successful New Moons compilation series. Artists appearing on previous Volumes include Slaves, Fickle Friends, Laurel, Racing Glaciers, Carnival Kids, Magic Man, Fatherson, Tall Ships, HUNTAR, SYKES, Ecca Vandal, The Hearts, Pale Honey, Model Aeroplanes, WØLFFE, Draper, Puppy, Salt Ashes, VITAMIN, Tora, Nadine Shah, Meadowlark and many more.

We’re pleased as punch to include SHEBad PopPale HoneyAlluriMosesFizzy Blood and more on New Moons Vol. IX, ranging from the latest discoveries to artists established in their craft. Right on.

Format: Full Length Album
Catalog: KMRCOMP119
Released: 08.01.2018