Fizzy Blood return with a brand new EP! Recorded in Brighton with producer Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Tigercub, The Mars Volta), the Pink Magic EP showcases new strength to Fizzy Blood’s sound. Opening title track Pink Magic is a commanding and anthemic grand entrance, yet it maintains a crucial element of mystery in an era where information overload is rife. CFO takes Fizzy Blood’s signature abrasive sound to the next level with its relatable inner monologue, oscillating verses and explosively contagious chorus. Dark horse Strangers showcases a cinematic side to the band that hasn’t been explored before, its soundscape capturing a whisky-and-cigarette-smoke filled haze in the early hours. Closing track Illusion demonstrates the band’s impeccable attention to detail, with its lush textures and layers building to a shattering and masterful crescendo. Combined, these tracks cement Fizzy Blood as a force to be reckoned with and are testament to their rapid growth in the UK DIY scene.

Format: EP
Released: 14th September