If your music is drawing comparisons to the leather clad, cast iron spirit of Pulled Apart By Horses and Queens of the Stone Age, and The Dead Kennedys beckon you to support them on tour, then you must be doing something right. Explosive and guttural, Fizzy Blood are aptly named and causing a stir. The Leeds band consists of Benji Inkley (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Paul Howells (lead guitar/backing vocals), Tim Malkin (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Ciaran Scanlon (bass guitar), and Jake Greenway (drums).

Fizzy Blood have now unshackled their new, high octane track ‘Pawn’. Showcasing unrelenting energy, grungy guitar twang and blustery vocals, the track creates a contagious swirling, cyclonic soundscape that you’ll want to dive head first into.
Format: Digital Single
Catalog: KMRDD098
Released: 07.04.17