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Guildford-based Annabel Allum launched into 2018 with new single Beat the Birds and now she’s ready to unveil a brand new track called ‘Rascal’. Expanding from her folk roots into fuzzier-slacker territory, Allum affirms her statement of intent with blistering riffs, frenetic vocals and culturally relevant themes.

Annabel says: “RASCAL pinpoints a phase in time when it felt like no matter what I was doing, it wouldn’t be right. Trying to look after myself, the people close to me, the people around me, and never finding a balance in any of it.  I would either give too much or nothing at all. I still do that. It’s quite a sad song. Self-scrutiny, really. I guess I’m just still learning that it’s okay to not be able to please everybody all the time.”

Format: Digital Single
Catalog: KMRDD135
Released: 22.03.2018