Born and raised in Hyderabad, London based Alluri’s latest track ‘Evari Kosam (For Who’s Sake)‘ is a flawless demonstration of how the music world is a truly universal sphere, which exists only in the cultural blend that shapes its very existence. Sung in Telugu while boasting a vintage, British sound, Alluri’sEvari Kosam (For Who’s Sake)‘ is the culmination of his journey to date. The original demo was immediately picked up by legendary producers Tommasso Colliva & Massimo Martelotta (Muse). With Telugu being so similar to Italian, Tommaso instantly bonded with the track, infusing his polished production style with Alluri’s raw songwriting talent. The new single represents a sonic shift in Alluri’s sound, employing an anthemic brass section and piano textures to enchanting effect.

Format: Digital Single
Catalog: KMRDD091
Released: 21.11.2016