Good Karma Club is back for July with an all-star lineup! Featuring:


Located on the sprawling outskirts of suburban west London, late-nineties Southall has innately informed the perspective of producer, songwriter and musician SLANG. Its multiculturalism provided a backdrop which allowed a surfeit of influences to simmer into his musical outlook, yet it was an undeniable tough town which suffered from a heroin epidemic that blighted the potential of its youth.


Marsicans are an emerging indie band from Leeds whose driving, harmony-laden sound is quickly gaining notoriety alongside their reputation for exciting live shows. The quartet’s current line-up, three schoolmates and a friend from Leeds’ music scene, started sampling old synths, distorting guitars and writing songs together in 2014. In the last 12 months, Marsicans have supported Minnesota’s Hippo Campus on tour in the UK, sold out their own headline dates, played their first European shows and saw their debut performance at Glastonburyincluded in the BBC’s festival highlights reel.


In the summer of 2014, two Bens (Ward and Brown) formed a secretive fraternal order called Ben Club, based in a secret location in Britain’s smallest town (Manningtree). Exactly what went on in Ben Club was never revealed, but when two men spend that amount of time together, inevitably their friends and family members start to question whether it is more than just a male bonding exercise.

Following an intervention by Ben Brown’s girlfriend and brother, Ben Club was forced to relax its strict membership rules. Krista and Alex joined the group to play bass and guitar and the new four-piece used this opportunity to choose a more inclusive name – SuperGlu was born.

Meanwhile, Huw Stephens picked up on the first Ben Club demo and played Diving Bell on his show in October 2014. This secured the group a coveted spot on the front page of the Manningtree and Harwich Standard – as the band who had been played on Radio One before they had played a gig.

Joy Room

Joy Room are a four piece rock band from London. They met at school and bonded over a mutual love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Last Waltz. Their debut track ‘Late at Night’ received widespread support form the likes of Phil Taggart calling it “as good a debut track as you’ll hear” and Huw Stephens at Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, added to the Radio X evening playlist and further support from Matt Wilkinson at Beats.

Venue: The Islington