Introducing: CARR – Sarasota

CARR is back and delivers yet again an infectious indie-rock offering in the form of her new single ‘Sarasota’. Armed with fuzzy guitars, textural synth leads and a tight indie-rock sounding drum groove, this new single finds CARR towing the line between early noughties pop-punk acts such as Avril Lavigne and modern revivalists such as Machine Gun Kelly while hinting at modern bedroom production elements.
The New Jersey-born singer explores the love-hate relationships she’s been experiencing on this single. Transitioning into a gorgeous half-time bridge section, she’s found admitting “You can run and hide / I will come and find you because you know I’m so difficult.” The release of ‘Sarasota’ is off her highly anticipated forthcoming EP titled ‘TV Boyfriends’. 

Born out of boredom, CARR first showcased her sound with her 2021 debut album ‘I’m Just Bored’. A vibrant, honest and energetic body of work that found CARR producing short catchy indie-rock tracks that were full of angst and passion. She uses music as the purest form of self-expression, not afraid to say how she feels in an exciting and energetic manner.

I wrote Sarasota about a real experience I had when I was staying with my boyfriend (at the time) and his family. It was the end of our relationship and everything was super messy and falling apart so it’s about the reality of that situation.  I wrote it as I was calmly observing our situation with vengeful vulnerability, as the other person was fully losing their mind in frustration.”

In such a short time CARR has already amassed over 5 millions streams on Spotify alone with over 65,000 monthly listeners, a true testament to her honest lyricism and knack for writing catchy and thought-provoking indie-rock songs.

“CARR’s I’m Just Bored EP is a cathartic exhale full of angst, honesty, and passionate indie rock energy. Born out of boredom, it’s a great way to pass the time.” – Atwood Magazine

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