Introducing: Ready, Steady, Die! – Kiss It

Indie rock band Ready, Steady, Die! release their latest track “Kiss It”, a sensual and bass-heavy song about passion and lust. Ready, Steady, Die! are a British-American electronic music duo comprising New York-based Morgan Visconti and London-based Sam K. Together they have already released a debut album back in 2020, symbolising their quite usual and sonically diverse sound.
They explore the immersive sounds you can now delve into, and deliver a unique offering that will captivate many with ease. ‘Pleasure Ride’ saw big success for the group, with singles ‘Woebetide’ and ‘Deep’ in particular striking a chord and showcasing their startling offering.

‘Kiss It’ is grungy, dark and commands a presence from the get go with Sam’s haunting vocals once again taking to the fore. The deep lying synth bass then plays underneath, further setting the scene before it cascades into the anthemic chorus, filled with those heavy guitar chords and a melody line that will catch with ease.

Ready, Steady Die! explain the inspiration behind the video for ‘Kiss It’:

There are so many layers to it:  mankind vs creator, free spirit vs puritanism, human vs mother nature. The lyrics are about the craving for uncomplicated and uninhibited sex. The narrator celebrates their sexuality and licentious attitude. The question it poses is, as the singer is female, does that make the message more palatable and acceptable to hear than if it were sung by a man?”

“Kiss It” is out now across all major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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