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Introducing: SINNAH – Exist Loud

Emotive and liberating artist Sinnah brings us their new EP release “Exist Loud”, an electro masterpiece that details an array of emotions.  Swedish singer-songwriter Sinnah is best described as a ‘bubbly fizzly ball of energy’. Back with an exceptional new release ‘Exist Loud’, the single is the title track of her new EP – out the same day.
Her sound exudes the kind of spontaneous confidence we’ve seen in artists like Tove Styrke, with a bit of the Scandinavian simplicity and genuine approach to music we know from Maja Francis or Pauline Skott.
Title track “Exist Loud” is a soft and raw exploration of being human, with electro-pop vibes and upbeat undertones.

Adding her thoughts on the EP, Sinnah explains, “Each song represents a certain emotion. I think we should become more aware of our feelings, accept them and allow ourselves to feel all different kinds of emotions. It’s almost like a norm to put a smile on your face and act like everything is fine. I think there are a lot of people out there struggling, who feel bad but don’t know how to manage their emotions. That’s why I think it’s important to teach children that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes and it’s okay to get angry – you have to be able to feel everything! And you’re never alone.”

Her lyrics embrace a message that’s been taking all over pop music from queen Beyonce to Maja Francis: There is an undeniable power in the vulnerability behind writing about your feelings in such a genuine way. Sinnah gives you an emotional validation that is liberating, even if some songs make you wanna scratch your ex’s car, while others encourage you to let go of everything and just sing way too loud in the shower.

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