Chasing Vampires Unplugged Cover Art

Introducing: Carter Brady – Chasing Vampires (Unplugged)

Indie-rock artist Carter Brady brings us their latest song “Chasing Vampires”, in an unplugged edition, which is a sweet acoustic love song detailing his own experiences. This unplugged version of his recent release “Chasing Vampires” is the free and easy release we desired to channel Brady’s true singer-songwriter. With the simplistic instrumentals of just an acoustic guitar and light keys, you get the chance to feel the sweet mellowness of Brady’s voice, paired with the thought provoking lyrics. Similar to John Mayer or Jack Johnson, Brady hits home with catchy lyrics that’ll motivate your body to sway.

“Chasing Vampires” is a soft ballad of the heart, showcasing a new side of Brady’s talents as a musician and a lyricist. It touches on many familiar thoughts and feelings around relationships, and blooming love.

Brady has received positive feedback from artists like William Goldsmith of Foo Fighters and Sunny Day Real Estate, Grady Owens and many others. Carter Brady has also recorded original music for mini-documentaries, along with having film credits for playing acoustic guitar in Director Quinn Fluet’s short film Singularity (2021).
You can find Carter Brady on Instagram here, and “Chasing Vampires” is out now across all major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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