Introducing: Emanuela – Swallow Me

Hyperpop artist Emanuela releases their new song “Swallow Me”, an electro-experimental record that permeates a new era of pop music. A true “larger than life” character, Emanuela dips into a sensual e-girl aesthetic and creates an illusive song with distortion and explicit lyrical capabilities.

This song is a contemporary hyper-pop anthem, which is incredibly energetic and unapologetic – not only in terms of musical execution but also when it comes to the lyrics that fuel the song’s narrative. Emanuela’s confidence and art style shines through both the song’s lyrics and it’s music video, where we see Emanuela dressed in a Sailor Moon-esque outfit and offering a real “girl power” vibe, with the use of neon lights and candles in a range of different dressed rooms.
“Swallow Me” details an intense and sensual interaction, and explores the fundamentals of women’s sexuality. It’s both teasing and liberating, offering something to all manner of listeners.

This release is certainly recommended for fans of artists such as Charli XCX, Scene Queen, and Ashnikko. “Swallow Me” was released on 11th March 2022. Her new LP, “Made in Heaven”, splices hyper-pop, electro-pop, and experimental electronic music, and is coming out in May 2022.

Listen here:

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