Introducing: Amahla – I Know What They’re Thinking

Hackney singer-songwriter Amahla brings us their latest track “I Know What They’re Thinking”, a smooth soul-pop harmony detailing thoughts and feelings of anxiety and social pressure that bloomed from the pandemic’s switch to an all-virtual world during lockdown. With the “Zoom era” keeping us separated, the mental health of the general population suffered due to the forced introversion of the world, and Amahla puts this shared experience into words very well. “I Know What They’re Thinking” is an easy-listening, soul track with hip-hop drums and a distinct voice.

When asked about the track, Amahla said;

Older generations underestimate our resilience and our vulnerability. We’re made to feel like our 20’s are the time we should be living our dreams but everything feels so disparate, we’re constantly on edge. Economic crashes, a global pandemic, political crises, women’s safety, body image is warped, and none of my friends can afford to move out. Offline nothing is in our control anymore. There is lots of space for escapism but I want to write the songs that reflect where we are as a culture, and we’re f*cking anxious!”

Raised in a Caribbean household in Hackney, Amahla’s upbringing was filled with literature and classic vinyl records left over from the 1970’s. It informed her decision to study Anthropology at university, which has in turn influenced her activism and songwriting; using her music to discuss issues from gentrification to racial injustice, and now mental health. Amahla has already received an incredible amount of praise across the music industry, with reviews from Fearne Cotton, Julie Adenuga, Radio 1Xtra, BBC 6 Music and Complex.

“Hackney soul artist Amahla asks us to consider the importance of heritage and storytelling in songwriting.” – The Line of Best Fit

“Amahla may be one of the next big voices exported from the U.K” – Bandcamp

Listen here:

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