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Introducing: Lucas Harmon – Breakaway

“Breakaway” is a smooth, soft-indie serenade from passionate and raw singer-songwriter Lucas Harmon. Back with an exceptional new release, this track covers themes of anger, redemption and empowerment, when considering past relationships, and offers an introspective realisation of when these relationships become toxic.

I wrote Breakaway about 2 different people I was involved in romantic relationships with. These were not healthy relationships, these two people were very manipulative and did not treat me well. When I was in these relationships it was like the wool was pulled over my eyes though, I would keep coming up with excuses on why I was in the wrong in certain situations, when in reality and with time I soon realised I was not and was completely valid in my emotions.”

Harmon holds himself to the idea, and high standard, that every lyric written must have a deeper meaning to him, and never decides to write a song simply because it sounds good. Building his musical talents since the age of 13, Lucas Harmon is a passionate songwriter on a mission to change the industry as we know it. The most important thing to Harmon is the authentic emotion that he conveys through his music, striving to relate to his listeners on a personal level.
“Breakaway” is an indie ballad in its own right, using piano and guitar to create a melancholic mood and portray Harmon’s emotions and experiences, ones many of us will have also undergone.

“Breakaway” is out now across all major streaming platforms.

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