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Introducing: Rose Tiger – Could Be a Fantasy

New wave, glam rock trio Rose Tiger released their new song “Could Be a Fantasy” on 16th February, an upbeat and fun track with 70’s and 80’s influences, catapulting us into their world of labyrinths and dinosaurs. With some Muse vibes thrown in, this song has something for all rock fans to enjoy. “Could Be a Fantasy” is an eclectic goodie bag of 70’s rock and synths, with a sultry intro and a true theatrical feel.

French artist Cyprien “Wendy” Jacquet launched Rose Tiger in 2017, and has proven to be a gifted composer and multi-skilled musician, as talented behind his synths and computer as behind a mic or an electric guitar. “Could Be a Fantasy” really allows those talents to shine through, and give a full demonstration. Joined by Irene Gonzalez and Domi Hawken, the rock opera took to the studio to bring us a masterpiece of new age British rock music.

The band’s forecasted three-act album, “The End Forever”, was conceived as an epic musical journey in a world where humans, robots and dinosaurs live together. With drumbeats and guitar riffs that drive us back to the energy of London’s basements, this compelling and adventurous three-part narrative takes us back to a time when Ziggy reigned, and Queen was the deity of the musical world.

Recorded in London by producer Richie Kennedy (Celeste, The Murder Capital, White Lies, Suede) in legendary studio Assault & Battery II, the first Act entitled “The Shallows” will be released on the 25th of March, with the first single “Could Be a Fantasy” that was released on the 16th of February.

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