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Introducing: Jeremy Engel – I Got Caught

French-born, Dublin-based, singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel released their latest single “I Got Caught” on 18th February, a soft acoustic melody about a complex personal relationship, and the internal monologue surrounding it. Engel seems to perfectly capture listeners’ emotions through his use of intrepid soundscapes and passionate guitar-playing. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice and Rory Gallagher, Engel succeeds in captivating his listeners with his voice and personal narratives.

“I Got Caught” is a slow bursting, alternative love song, with emotive lyrics and a yearning temperament, that gives you a true sample of Engel’s talents as a musician. With some vibes of a darker Oasis, “I Got Caught” is both melancholic and forebearing.

Alongside his musical talents, Engel also has an array of language skills; speaking French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian, and also works as a conference interpreter for the United Nations. Having worked for the UN for over ten years, the job has allowed Jeremy to meet some amazing people like the Pope, Barack Obama and Kofi Annan.

Jeremy Engel released his debut album “I Don’t Want to Stay” in early 2020, and, since then, has built up a great discography of passionate songs which he is excited to continue sharing with his expanding audience.

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Photo Credit: Arlen Pereira

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