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Introducing: Jenna Isn’t Famous – Too Romantic

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jenna Isn’t Famous brings us a powerful new indie-pop track “Too Romantic”, a passionate melody detailing two people’s timid experience with falling for each other. Working with her own vulnerability, the record boasts immense passion and desolation.

When asked about the track, Jenna stated;

‘’This song is about two people giving each other subtle hints only to cloud them up. About falling for someone but not wanting to f**k up the friendship, it’s about two people resisting their vulnerability. About trying to reason your way out of how much you truly long for this person. This is Too Romantic.’’

The mix of synth violins and soft chords really tugs on the heart strings, and builds a familiar yearning, as Jenna Isn’t Famous lyrically brings the story to life. Just starting her career last year, Jenna Isn’t Famous blows us away with this first release of 2022, just scratching the surface of her talents. From bedroom performances, to learning the clarinet, Jenna Isn’t Famous has been building up her skills as an artist since the age of nine. As well as flourishing her music career, Jenna is also heavily involved in her local community, helping fight for justice over profit.

“Too Romantic” is available now across all major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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