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Introducing: Eva Lazarus – How Am I Looking?

R&B songstress Eva Lazarus brings us her latest hit “How Am I Looking?”, an upbeat melody with an empowering narrative. Produced by Dirty Dike (Rag N Bone Man, Ocean Wisdom), this bop-provoking track is a self-love and self-care anthem, which combines empowering lyrics with a soothing soundscape. This confident, fun, and self-loving track is a real shout-out, touching on themes around mirror work and diversity, for everyone that may have experienced struggles with accepting themselves – in a world where we always question ourselves and strive for perfection.

When discussing the track, Lazarus reflects;

“How am I looking is a love letter to my hair, self love and self care. The process, the feeling, the cost and the pride of it all.”

Bringing her audience in with her voice and guitar, then diverging down into breaks, samples, and orchestras, Eva Lazarus has created an advantageous crossroads for her work; deriving everything she has learnt across multiple genres when distilling a new sound, that is her most stylistically acute to date. “How Am I Looking?” tears down beauty standards, and, in itself, promotes our own uniqueness, when faced with social pressures.
Her new single follows on from her 2019 collaborative album with reggae/dancehall production Mungo’s Hi Fi, which attracted more than 10 million listeners on Spotify.

“How Am I Looking?” was released via Melonskin Records on 18th February, and is out now across all major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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