Introducing: Maie – Kosmo

Virtual humanoid artist Maie releases their new song “Kosmo”, an electro-pop narrative around the artist’s questioning reverie. Maie describes herself as “a solitary cloud drifting in a foreign sky towards the eye of a tornado”. However, even with immense powers of shapeshifting and impossible speed, Maie still has very human thoughts and feelings, that many of us face on a daily basis, around identity and belonging. Because of this correlation, it brings us closer to the artist – in a relatable psychosynthesis battle.

“Kosmo” is a synth-heavy track, implementing soft feminine vocals and bass, which teleports us to her metaverse, joining her on her pilgrimage. The music video explores several mediums of digital media artwork, from computer generated images to cartoon drawings, building a progressive storyboard that compliments the stages of Maie’s thought processes.
Lyrically, the song seems to direct its message to both Maie herself and, perhaps, those around her, expressing feelings of loneliness, curiosity, and feeling suffocated by “the norm”. It jumps between an inner monologue and a cry for help, as she also leaps between worlds – trying to find where she belongs.

“I can travel to places normal people can’t. Visit worlds most people can only dream of. But I choose to be here. I choose to be with my friends. I choose to discover what it means to be human. I’d do anything to be here, where I want to belong.” – Maie

“[Maie] shakes up the limits of the metaverse” METAL Magazine

‘Kosmo’ was released by Club Media and Avastar on the 25th of February 2022, and is now available across major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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