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Introducing: Gecko Club – Caramel Clouds

London’s indie-reggae sensation Gecko Club return with “Caramel Clouds”, the latest release from the 2018-formed quartet. With elements of alt-rock, this new single radiates passion and exacerbation around the subject of relationships, and delves into the harshness of these experiences. Gecko Club really showcase their abilities as lyricists, curating melancholic imagery with the compliments of percussion and guitar. The band have already been demonstrating their early success, with tours across the UK, being compared with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale.

When asked about the record, the band stated that;

The song is about the breakdown of a relationship. Not the typical relationship with a partner, something more sentimental. Two people having a battle of opinion and morals, each person involved is to be blamed in the others’ eyes with stubbornness leading to no resolution.”

Already hailing praise from all corners of the music industry, including BBC Introducing and CLOUT, Gecko Club are only building on their success as the new face of the indie music scene – with over 700’000 streams and counting. The band also address a diverse body of people, with songs representing their gender-fluidity.

“It took us a while to get right, having tried loads of variations of the track, we eventually felt like we got it to where we wanted it to be. It’s one of our darker tracks, and one of our favourites to play at shows.”

“Caramel Clouds” is out now, across all major streaming services.

Listen here:

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