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Introducing: Latir – Carousel

London-based artist Latir brings us a modern-day R&B soul track, “Carousel”, which touches on the experience of romance and longing. This first self-produced single, which was released on 17th February, comes from the upcoming EP “Anthems for Lovers”, which this track fits right into. It’s a slow, sensual, track, featuring Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers, who only compliment the narrative and ambience further. The contrast of voices really shape the mood for this soft avant-garde love song, bringing in perspectives of different parties involved in the exchange.

When asked about “Carousel”, Latir stated;

“I really want to make music that affects people, inspired by their moments… whether in love, in anxiety, in social justice matters, etc… my aim is to transcend people now and forever, to aid and relate, and to be the sonic backdrop to all our most prevalent feelings… in the most nostalgic, melancholic, chill way ever… If I’ve done this at all then my purpose has been served”.

Thus far, he has received praise from BBC 1 Radio, BBC 1Xtra, CLASH, SBTV, COLORS, Lyrical Lemonade and more, and has also yielded near 2 million streams.
Latir has a back-catalogue of soul-searching, nostalgic romance, which is complimented by piano and violin, all working together to build his poetry in the form of cosmic R&B.

You can follow Latir on Instagram here.

Listen here:

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