Introducing: Props – Dream On

Sir Elton John-endorsed indie-pop artist, Props, releases their latest song “Dream On”, a self-released and produced track built on old voice memos and Logic Pro files. Filled with synth and distorted bass, this catchy track touches on themes around “lad culture” and self love. Props mixes deep narrative with summer-dreaming vibes, in a personal note-to-self.
For fans of Glass Animals and girlhouse, Props delivers a unique take on a love song, which is upbeat and sentimental. As a newcomer, starting their career only in 2020, Props has already gained an incredible amount of praise, hailing from all corners of the music industry, and over 500k streams.

The solo artist describes their work as a “pretty pessimistic punky pop pandemic project”, but, with such early success, we reckon this emerging artist will capture the hearts of many, and bloom into so much more.

When asked about the single, Props states;

‘Dream On’ tells the all-too-familiar story of “liking someone, them not liking you, you trying harder, them still not liking you, your mates telling you to stop trying and you realising you should probably stop trying.”

“Well I love it”Sir Elton John

“Props is a London newcomer just on his own sounding great” John Kennedy (Radio X)

“Dream On” was released on 14th February, and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen here:

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