Introducing: Bigger – Les Myosotis

French and Irish alt-rock band Bigger released their new record “Les Myosotis” on 4th February, with influences from Nick Cave and Cage the Elephant. “Les Myosotis” is a modern dark rock gem that sets a very sensual and inquisitive tone, detailing romantic turmoil and introspectiveness. The 60’s-inspired blend really gives this band an edge, incorporating bass-heavy tones.
The record starts off with the eerie “Vampire Thirst”, which mixes organ pipes and slow drums, and is a great introduction to the album. It’s unique and sultry, while demonstrating the band’s range and uniqueness.

“Freaky Face” is a little more chirpy and upbeat, although its narrative has more negative connotations, while the title track “Les Myosotis” is a soft-rock love ballad that creates a lot of vivid imagery in its lyrics, and is another true example of Bigger’s talents as a band.

When discussing the album, the band described;

“Recording this album was a powerful experience and an incredible adventure. In the health context that we know, we had to play with travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines, etc. But it didn’t slow us down, on the contrary, it gave us more strength and desire, we felt like we were doing something special.”

Overall, the album is easy-going and jive-worthy, but heavily emotive. It delves into quite personal feelings around love, the world, and the self. There are some clear pulls from The Beatles in their writing, but Bigger are set on bringing the world their own sound in a nothing-short-of-marvellous way.

Listen here:

Photo credit: François Guery

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