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Introducing: Adria Kain – When Flowers Bloom LP

Hailing from Toronto is alt-R&B sensation Adria Kain, with her landmark album “When Flowers Bloom”. This 11-track LP explores the lives of black women, and celebrates the perseverance of black communities. “When Flowers Bloom” starts off with an injection into Kain’s world with electronic and, almost, extra-terrestrial sound effects. “Ocean Reprise”, the second song on the album, is incredibly harmonious and a great example of Kain’s talents as an artist. It is also revised from one of her most successful songs to date, resulting from her own personal story of growth. It is also a representation of Kain’s journey as a masc-presenting queer-woman.
“Melt Into You” is another incredible track, smooth and sincere. As a whole, the album is incredibly emotive and passionate. It takes you on a journey, which you feel heavily involved in from start to finish. The closing track, “Garden Exit (To the Ones I’ve Loved Before)”, finishes off the record exceptionally. As well as giving its listeners closure, it is a terrific representation of Kain’s own goodbyes in a smooth R&B melody.
When asked about the record, Kain explains;

“When Flowers Bloom tells the story of falling in love after overcoming the loss of oneself through previous experiences in love. It depicts the struggle of a young, masculine presenting woman, who after embarking on a journey of self discovery, attempts to heal her wounds that developed through romantic relationships and the false perceptions that were taught throughout her upbringing. Accountability & vulnerability are the key emotions in this story.”

“When Flowers Bloom” will be released on 11th Feb 2022.

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