Introducing: Alana Sukul – Good to You

Hailing from South-West London, R&B funk-pop artist Alana Sukul brings us “Good to You”, her latest single out on 10th February. With influences from her Caribbean heritage and the city, she embraces diversity in her music, image, and character. “Good to You” explores the issues that many young people face, feeling under pressure to be a certain person or look a certain way, and reminds us that we hold our own power to decide these things for ourselves.
Alana Sukul describes herself as a genre-blending artist, not fitting her style into any type of box, but as a multidimensional lyricist that touches on a multitude of modern day struggles. Her latest releases have dabbled in soulful R&B, Pop and Funk, but whose to say where she’ll go next. Touching on “Good to You”, she shares;
“Sometimes as young adults we try to live up to certain standards and pressure, this is just a reminder to live your life the way you want to.”

You can follow Alana Sukul on Instagram here.

“Good to You” is out 10th February.

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