Track of the Day: Luianna – Lying to Me

LUIANNA is twisting the genres of Liquid Drum and Bass and Alt-pop in her latest track “Lying to Me”, offering us an insight into her personal life through melodic electronica. Globe-trotter LUIANNA can be described as fresh, relevant and endearing, delving into her own gut-feelings and producing some outstanding pop-harmonies. “Lying to Me” comes from the artist’s latest EP Skiá, something LUIANNA hopes will captivate her listeners and channel her heartfelt writing.
“The song told me it was happening,” she says, elaborating on a newfound narrative. “I love how song writing can do this, predict”.
This new record was written just weeks before she found out her partner was having an affair, and, in turn, has made this song even more emotive and powerful. LUIANNA has also taken to creating a series of Bedroom Recording music videos on YouTube, giving us a raw and beautiful experience of her new music. “Lying to Me” was released on 4th Feb 2022, and we now eagerly await the release of her full EP.

Listen here:

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