Q&A: Celine Love – Like You Like That

African-American/Germanic, London-based, R&B/Soul artist Celine Love brings us her sensational track “Like You Like That”, a story of self respect and romanticism. Celine takes inspiration from her own experiences during lockdown, seeing the end of a long-term relationship, and the blossoming of focusing on herself. It is a haven for those facing their own demons, with melodic R&B minimalism and elements of soul.

Q&A with Celine Love

Growing up, how did you first get involved with making music and writing songs? What inspired you to get started?
I come from a household of musicians so have always been surrounded by it. My parents put me in choirs early on and I would come to my parents gigs a lot. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t singing but I started song writing at 11.

I was at a little youth workshop and they gave us the assignment to start writing a song in groups. Everyone got bored after 5 minutes so I finished the song by myself and haven’t stopped writing since.

You are originally from Hamburg, Germany and are now based in London. When did you first move to London? Do you feel like the city has an effect on your music, song writing, and/or collaborations?
I first moved to London in 2016 to complete my Songwriting degree. I knew pretty instantly that I would call London my new home. I absolutely love that the scene is filled with soulful guitar girls over here which I was really missing in Germany. I have definitely leaned into the soul and my love for R&B more since moving here. I used to only consider myself a Pop/Folk artist.

One of the many things we love about your new track Like You Like Thatis the honest, open story-telling lyrics that you deliver with each new song. You also mentioned this song is more R&B leaning than your other songs, can you tell us more about this song? What was it like shooting the music video? How has it been since its release for you?
With this project in particular it was really important for me to not hold back and go with what I felt like doing. I was really feeling the R&B vibe TR33 came up with and didn’t want to overthink whether or not the sound would suit me or my other songs.

I was in a pivotal point in a journey of self-love and growth and got really scared that I was going to lose that because I lost a sense of self and perspective in my previous relationship.

The lyrics flew out of me pretty quickly.

We shot the music video with a tiny budget but a passionate small team and a bunch of friends who acted as the crowd. I’ll be forever grateful to everyone involved. I came up with the idea of being anti-social at a new years party and the director Kairon Edwards helped me conceptualise it.

I did my own make up and styling, probably yelled around loads and had too much of the prop Prosecco. It was great.

The release has been stressful and liberating at the same time. I’m so excited to be releasing after 2 crazy years of figuring out my life but its also a learning curve.

I am more so grateful for all the support and people from around the globe messaging me about the song. I’ts the beginning of a dream coming true.

Tell us about your collaborations with TR33- How did you first get involved and what was it like working together?
TR33 and I were both studying at Tileyard London and met through the course. During the 3rd lockdown we finally managed to schedule a zoom session and instantly had great creative chemistry. ‘Like You Like That’ was the first song we ever made so we had another session the next day, and the next, until the whole Ep was done.

Funnily enough I recorded all vocals in studio but because of the homey feel of the project we ended up recording it all again in my closet because it just didn’t capture the atmosphere correctly.

Your debut EP
Aquarius SZN is due out soon- when can we be expecting it? Are you excited for its release?
Its out on February 16th, MY BIRTHDAAAY! I’m incredibly excited to get it out since its been a year since we wrote the songs.

Do you have a favourite track off the EP right now?
It’s always whichever song has been mastered last and in this case its ‘Still Life’. The last track on the EP. It’s the only song I co-produced as well because I was incredibly particular about creating a gigantic sounding outro with strings and one million backing vocals.

The pre-chorus might also be one of my favourite melodies I’ve ever written.

Youve played festivals including The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, were a resident artist for Camden Roundhouse and opened for artists including Years & Years and Jim James. Do you enjoy performing live and touring? Are you excited for any upcoming shows, festivals, or tours this year?
Live music is my world since it’s all I’ve known ever since I was a kid.

I’ve never actually gotten the chance to tour which is definitely on the to do list for the next 2 years (if the world allows it). I’m currently most looking forward to the EP launch since its on my birthday at the Love Shack in London.

Besides the EP release, what are you most looking forward to this year?
I actually have a back catalogue of songs I’ve been playing for years that are waiting to be released. So I’m really excited to get to do that later this year.

I’m also really looking forward to collaborating with new songwriters and producers I’ve been in contact with through releasing the EP. Songwriting is a general passion so I’d love to lend my pen to more artists music.

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