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Introducing: Johnny Kulo – Poseidon

Indian R&B artist and producer Johnny Kulo brings us his new track “Poseidon”, a new take on soul. We’ve got the smoothness of soul, with the tenderness and raw abilities of R&B, coming together in this modern splice. Kulo sends us on a narrative of emotions, love, and the questioning of identity, in this cruiser. Think of a long drive on the freeways in Los Angeles, or watching the sun set on the beach. The artwork for this track is equally depictive, with an Ancient Greek vibe.
With numerous skills under his belt, Kulo built his early foundations from playing drums in his father’s church. This set him up with the drive and inspiration to learn other instruments and, eventually, lead him to the discovery of song writing and music production. Johnny Kulo is the next big thing to bloom in the soils of soul and R&B, and we can’t wait to see where it will take him.

Listen here:

Photo credit: August Ingram

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