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Introducing: Ballin’ Jacks – Life’s a Gas Leak

Ballin’ Jacks are a London-based alt-rock band, dabbling in blues and psychedelic-rock. They will have a place in the hearts of fans of Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles, but bringing their own twists. Their latest song “Life’s a Gas Leak” revolves around the pains we all experience in everyday life, taking inspiration from Buddha’s quote “life is suffering”, and mentions some of the back-and-forth internal arguments we have with ourselves about everyday politics. It’s the right amount of soft-core rock n roll mixed with hazy, jazzy, instrumentals.
The track was mixed and mastered by Brett Shaw (Florence + The Machine) at 123 Studios, and the band are now working on their debut album. Keep an eye out for this baroque quintet.

Listen here:

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