Introducing: The Longest Johns, Smoke & Oakum

TikTok sensation The Longest Johns, bringers of the sea shanty phenomenon, release their forth studio album this week. A group that can only be described as fun, unique, and multitalented, The Longest Johns are a feel-good band that continue to surprise us with their content, bring us a slice of mid-1400’s history in a modern era, with the use of A capella and the banjo. This next record will be a stomping 14-track album, filled with a mix of humouring beer-loving shanties to heartfelt songs about cabinmates.
To compliment the release of “Smoke & Oakum”, the quartet have an interactive game on their website here, showcasing some of their previous releases. What’s not to love?

Smoke and Oakum is out January 28th on Decca Records.

Pre-order their track here.

Catch their promo video for the new album here.

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