Introducing: The Ghibertins, The Life & Death of John Doe

Milan-based indie band, The Ghibertins, released their sophomore album earlier this month, “The Life & Death of John Doe”. First and foremost, we have the album title. “John Doe” is used very much in the same way that the UK uses “Joe Bloggs”, to refer to someone whose name is unknown, forgotten or censored, and so the album refers to all of us, as in 200 years time we are all likely to be forgotten, but, in the same breath, we are all unique – with our own stories.
This 11-track album takes us on a journey through a lifetime, starting with birth and ending with death, involving introspective narratives, while giving us vibes of Biffy Clyro and soft indie rock.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/078Ur2CR8NhOq2UBqA0z1p

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