Introducing: The Moon ft. Sapir Shoval

Killing Moon are excited to introduce new music from one of our favorite electronic duos, The Moon.

Music duo The Moon just released their blissfully gorgeous and repeat-worthy electronic new track “The Underground” featuring Sapir Shoval on vocals. “The Underground” is an addictive, atmospheric and upbeat jam with synth-pop elements that will get your body moving.

The Moon is Tel Aviv-based producers and musicians Yonatan Daskal and Nimrod Bar, who were inspired by nature when writing “The Underground”. The duo states:

The Underground” was born after a lunch break we took at a natural water fountain next to our studio. When we came back to the studio, we recorded the melody of the chorus, some harmonies and painted the beat with Atmospheric sounds. Sometimes a short connection with Nature can fill you with inspiration for new sounds and musical ideas.” 

“The Underground” is the title track from The Moon’s new album out now. The album features four blissful new songs including “Higher” and three songs featuring Sapir Shoval on vocals. The duo teamed up with singer/songwriter Sapir Shoval to provide vocals for three out of four new songs including: “Come Home With Me” and “Blue Love”. The title track and first single, “The Underground” is a bright and infectious new song to add to your rotation for a daily pump of energy and light.

The Moon just released a visually stunning new video for “The Underground” directed, produced and edited by Or Ben Zrihen and features actress Eden Farkas, watch now:

Like what you hear? Listen to and get your copy of The Moon’s beautifully ethereal 2021 release “Dear Good Sun” here. 

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