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TOTD: ‘Space’ – Scrawny

“Scrawny” was a name that Jesse Dill was called growing up which he has now embraced into his artistic career. Putting a robust focus on mental health, self-care, and finding worth within, Dill writes lyrics that feel real and relevant. His songs act as an outlet for emotions and are meant to extend a connection – a helping hand – to anyone who finds meaning in them.

Along with the release of his debut EP ‘I could learn a thing or two’, the alternative pop singer-songwriter has unveiled his final offering from the EP: ‘Space’. The new single is a thumping, driving alt-pop expedition, complete with falsetto, clapping, whistling, and a massive guitar solo climax. It manages to feel both introspective and spacey, empowering and exciting.

“The song is about dreaming while I’m awake and the unknown future that feels like it’s moments away. Space balances between distraction and focus: by having my head in the clouds, I’m having the most clarity I’ve had in years.” Dill shares more on the meaning behind the track. “I hope these songs resonate and help someone else that may be going through these same emotions. “I could learn a thing or two” will be a statement I make for the rest of my life. I am always learning and listening.” Dill adds

Largely influenced by The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Coldplay, there are hints of Tyler Joseph (Twenty Øne Pilots), Lauv, or Gnash which Scrawny remains inherently pop-focused. Watch here:

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