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Introducing: LYR

British poet laureate Simon Armitage, musician Richard Walters and producer Patrick J Pearson form the sensational group LYR that are here to combine their endless capabilities and genre-bending mentalities. Amalgamating a trio of creative disciplines, LYR have transformed the indie space with their cinematic, all-encompassing sound. The Cascade Theory EP, released on 12th of November, follows the exhilarating eponymous single featuring established alternative artist, Rozi Plain, and brilliant video.

“Cascade Theory takes a scientific principle and applies it to a social or psychological setting. Things crash into each other – especially thoughts and ideas – and the resulting fragmentation is both bewildering and exciting.” – LYR

When Patrick from the band got in touch, he sent over a couple of potential songs to work on. One of them was about gravel – so naturally they had me at gravel! It was such a pleasure to contribute to Cascade Theory. It’s a good challenge to find words to go with someone else’s words – and even more so when it’s The Poet Laureate’s words! Nice one LYR!” – Rozi Plain

Listen here:

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