Introducing… Belle Ford

If you ask Belle Ford what kind of music she makes, “its like a conversation on the purpose of life in a club at 3am”. Belle Ford is a producer and singer-songwriter from Germany. Eerie sounds and lo-fi sensibilities connect themes in her words of “whats wrong with her and society.Berlin-based artist, Ford releases new single “Selfless” a track written, produced and created from her bedroom. “It’s about losing oneself in people’s pain, getting stuck with people pleasing and a saviour complex” she states.


Ford always wanted to be a popstar, but in 2019 when a dramatic loss showed her life is short, she jumped into the industry and honed her craft ever since. Her debut E.P “Watch Me” featured multi-platinum producers Cash Money Ap, Youngkio, and Alecto. The tracks got immediate attention thanks to her soft vocal layers and deep lyrics merged onto trap beats. Her main inspiration she takes from artists like Billie Eilish, Lana del Ray, and Rosalia, making her production style range from dark alternative pop to sweet melodic ballads. It is refreshingly honest, empowering, deeply reflective, yet undeniably relatable. 


“Selfless was a way of processing trauma from the past so every part of the song is deeply personal from producing it to feeling it consequently the dreamy but dark vibes of the song encapsulate just that”.


Listen here:


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