TOTW: ‘Be My Revolution’ – Dyan Valdés

Taken from Dyan Valdés compelling upcoming album Stand and written about a time she was attacked by a man on the streets, ‘Be My Revolution’ is a synth-infused slice of post-punk that uses political awakening as a metaphor for falling in love.

“I realised that this awakening feels a lot like falling in love and vice versa,” Dyan explains, “you are terrifically excited, a little scared and yet full of hope for a future you can’t quite imagine. Social movements are often motivated by tragedy and injustice, but there is a sense of joy in finding other people who can make you see the world in a different way, who you can stand side by side within the march towards somewhere better. With Be My Revolution, I wanted to channel that joy and intensity.”

At the beginning of lockdown, Dyan was attacked by a man on the streets of Berlin in broad daylight. She recognised that her already precarious safety as a woman was even more threatened by pandemic circumstances. Dyan elaborates, “I arrived home, fortunately safely, and felt overwhelmed by my own experience, by reports of increased domestic violence and the exploitation of female labour at the frontlines of the pandemic response.” With Stand, Dyan hopes to channel her emotional response and create something that would make herself and others feel powerful again.

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