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TOTW: ‘Gemini’ – BLAB

BLAB aka Frances Murray has released her fifth single ‘Gemini’ via Cool Thing Records. With a plethora of support from BBC Radio 1, 6Music and Radio X for previous singles ‘R.I.P’, ‘Eton Mess’ and ‘Casual Sex’, the new track fuses together the poetic introspection of Marine Girls and the Smiths with the indie-ness of Zuzu. Astrology is something that has always been pivotal in the dating scene, and this is something BLAB has carried into her new tune whilst also touching on other themes such as unrequited love.

Joining Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. on tour next March and currently working on her debut album with Sam Duckworth (GCWCF) in Rees Broomfield at SS2 Recording, this single acts as another insight of what we can expect from the rising star.

“Gemini is my sad girl-astrology-emo-garage-anthem,” she begins. “It’s about unrequited love but I didn’t want it to feel super sad. I kinda love how it’s super garage-y and rave-y but the lyrics are really heart-breaking, a bit like ‘Mr Brightside’. When I start dating someone, I always find out their star sign and try to suss them out a bit, see what I’m working with personality wise. I always end up looking past the bad aspects of someone and this song is the realisation “oh, you’re *such* a Gemini” like I now see you for who you *actually* are.  I hope people can two-step and cry to this tune at the same time because that’s what I’ll be doing.”

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Image: James Mannion

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