TOTW: ‘A Song About Consent’ – Queen Cult

Following on from their fierce and politically charged single ‘Show & Tell,’ and having recently pulled out of the Hit The North festival following allegations against promoter SSD Concerts, the unfiltered pop-rock ensemble – led by frontwomen Maisie Johnson and Leila Jacklin – decide to take on the patriarchy in their new single.

Effortlessly combining rock with pop sensibilities, these girls don’t mince their words in ‘A Song About Consent,’ as Maisie defiantly calls out to being unheard and sticks two fingers up at typical womanising patterns, as well as more disturbing cases of oppression in the modern age.

“Watching the news about the murder of Sarah Everard by a policeman hit us immensely. Seeing it unfold into what didn’t seem real. We questioned our upbringings, what our mothers told us whilst growing up. Things to remember to keep safe. And realising just how messed up that is. We wrote this song because we were shook by the idea of having to change anything about simply existing as a woman in this world. We do not stand for inequality. We do not stand for abuse. We stand for consent, decency and respect.”

Listen here:

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