TOTW: ‘You Want It (But I Don’t)’ – Olivia Swann

‘Don’t forget to send ‘You Want It (But I Don’t)’ to your ex!’ suggests Olivia Swann when talking about her new singe. Following on from her last successful single ‘Gaslight’, she takes us deeper into the fallout & relentless pressure of her ex-girlfriend & those fresh faces that keep sliding into her DM’s.

Swann explains this one & definitely doesn’t miss with her right hook; “You want it (but I Don’t)’, is exactly what it says on the tin. A huge sign saying no, means ‘no, not maybe’ so what’s with the DMs?” 

She drops her new lyrical wit over a funk groove, which combines the electrifying live guitar & bass, with her signature hip-hop drums. Created alongside producer Wayne Valentine, Swann delivers a hit yet again, adding in her trademark R&B melodies which always leave you asking for more! The singer-songwriter is no stranger to untangling complex topics while leaving her mark with how she really feels. ‘You Want It (But I Don’t)’ clearly does just that, while celebrating moving on & feeling good enough to say, ‘Bye girl!’

Listen here:

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