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TOTW: ‘Daysof8’ – Nora Lilith

This week’s Track of the Week is slightly different…. it is our EP of the week!

Overflowing with intrigue and embodying enchantment Majestic Casual signee Nora Lilith is finally ready to reveal her pivotal moment, the encapsulating project and debut EP ‘Daysof8’ with single ‘Wake’.

A purveyor of the DIY world, Nora Lilith’s first single, ‘Misfed’ was a delicate shed of past layers and thus out of the ashes a brand-new chapter commenced. ‘Daysof8’ then beautifully set the next step in stone, expanding on Nora Lilith’s ongoing inner journey of self-exploration and discovery.

Unusual, alluring and utterly unique, the ‘Daysof8’ EP is an incomparable body of work with authentic, internal inspection interweaved and expressed within the tapestry of each track. Finally gifted with the entirety, 6 tracks of complete finery, prepare to journey the otherworldly planes in ‘Daysof8’.

“This EP to me feels like an assortment of sonic experiments and inner world reflections. I feel like the energetic range of these tracks is a direct outcome of the varying timelines these tracks were created on, some very old and some newer, and some written on the same day. Over all, these songs lyrically all share an element of malaise, while instrumentally express both a sanguine yet broody attitude. That juxtaposition feels connected to what I’ve mentioned in my bio; the symbol of Lilith and how it, to me, represents a regaining of strength in what would otherwise be considered darkness…

Listen here:

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