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Chalkpit Cassette Club: The Howlers

Great things have been happening since Chalkpit Cassette Club’s launch last month. Not only was its first release – a cassette-exclusive collection of The Howl & The Hum’s favourite tracks from across their discography – sold out within a month,  but the Club was also selected as one of the 10 featured projects for NME X  Squarespace ReBuild Music campaign. Aiming to showcase creators and innovators from across the music industry, the campaign is all about reinvigorating  the post-pandemic world of music. Chalkpit Cassette Club’s limited edition, hand numbered cassettes showcase some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists  around and provide listeners with the opportunity to indulge in the physical  ownership of music.

After a successful first run, Chalkpit Cassette Club is back with yet another electrifying release, this time from the London-based desert-rockers The Howlers.  Blending sunny West Coast psyche with the guitar-driven rhythms of classic 70s  rock, the east-London trio now team up with Chalkpit Cassette Club. The Howlers are set to release an exclusive cassette version of their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘The Sum Of Our  Fears’ along with an unreleased bonus track ‘Im An Animal’. A collection of songs driven by the desire to understand all of the hard times the band has been through, this EP is an outpouring of emotions and experiences, “from the quiet moments in need of a hug, to the long days in the studio to the blood sweat and tears of making it a reality”.

Silas Gregory founder of Chalkpit Cassette Club said “We have been a huge fan of The Howlers for sometime, a true independent band pushing for greatness. Their sound and energy is unmatched and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them in  this limited edition version of their debit EP.”

The exclusive nature of this cassette release – limited to just 150 hand-numbered copies – highlight the intimacy of the music, allowing fans to play a direct part in the band’s growth and development.

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