Introducing… Cyrano

Releasing a 6-minute single is brave, let alone releasing two versions at the same time. Edinburgh based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Cyrano releases ‘Afterburns’, the chilled track that became his therapy as he penned the intimate details of his breakup.

“To me, the Afterburns of a relationship is when the coals are on the fire, and you’re wondering whether to give it another stoke for a flame. If you spend too much time thinking, it’ll just fade away” shares Cyrano. “I wanted Afterburns to personify my feelings, from the lyrics and melodies to its length and flow. The whole track is one big thought, and the most idiosyncratic song of my music for the late night overthinkers.”

Alongside the release, Cyrano has created a 12-question personality test for listeners to identify if they are introverted or extroverted. Depending on their answers, they will be diverted to the Introverted or Extroverted mix of the track.

“When I was living in Singapore, I was reading a book by Susan Cain called ‘Quiet’ about introversion and extroversion. At the same time, I was listening over the various mixes I’d been sent of Afterburns and I started to feel these qualities within two of the mixes. One felt like the type of song you’d want to sing along to in a festival crowd while the other felt like one for your earphones, and a moment for yourself.”

Produced by Foals’ percussionist Kit Monteith, Afterburns marks the third instalment from Cyrano’s upcoming debut EP, Consolations. The single follows on from his recent afterparty anthems Collateral and Tundra, which saw the Scottish producer achieve a second consecutive Hype Machine Number 1 and named The Scotland on Sunday’s Artist of the Week.

Listen here:

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