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Introducing… Luis Ake

Ever since Luis Ake’s 2019 debut “Bitte Lass Mich Frei” recalibrated what German pop music could be, nothing has been the same. He moves through the imagined boundaries between genres, crossing them and connecting the unexpected as if it was an easy thing to do. When Ake sings, it sounds strangely familiar, but at the same time outrageously new and futuristic. Synth Pop and Dark Wave meet Italo Disco and NDW, Pet Shop Boys dance with Enigma, German working class legend Herbert Grönemeyer shakes hands with OMD, and H. P. Baxxter towers above it all and fires up a trance storm.

His new album, LIEBE (German for love) is far more than just a collection of new songs. No, it is nothing less than a readjustment of what German-language pop can be in 2021, as well as the design of a Machine Célibataire, influenced by the literary concept of the same name and Duchamp’s artwork “Large Glass”: Each song represents an element of this complex mechanism, whose inner logic outlines a mechanisation of love and eroticism.

“For me, pop music is an art form that is not exclusively about music,” says Ake. It’s also about multidimensionality to him, it’s about avoiding repetition and embracing pathos, not shying away from big feelings and creating a new world for the listeners, a world in which they can be completely and utterly absorbed, which they can shape and understand as they please. In search of the explanation for love, perhaps, and for the one beautiful dream that is never going to end. Even if you have to journey across dimensions to achieve it.

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