TOTD: ‘Beautiful Victim’ – Brooke Sharkey

Within the sublime new single ‘Beautiful Victim’, Brooke asks – are we our stories? What if we discover more, a deeper narrative and understanding? What if we are more than our victim story and have a more deliberate power over our lives than we had previously believed? What if our perception of what was once considered ugly and unlikable turned out to be sensitive and beautiful: Our own, unique, unnurtured, inner, beautiful victim simply waiting for our own love?

These are the questions that Brooke Sharkey came to face after her move to Norway; how to start making new and better decisions.

‘I was coming to revelations about internal changes and about becoming one’s own mother… I was moved by this and took part in workshops on how to navigate this change internally and externally simultaneously. This song emerged as a natural extension of a yearning to start making better and more succinct decisions in my life, regaining a sense of self compassion and agency that became somehow important. I started to see how some of the stories I had told myself were affecting my behaviour in disempowering ways and yearned for this to be different.’ – Brooke Sharkey 

‘Beautiful Victim’ is a collaboration with Blythe Pepino (Frontwoman and producer for alternative band Mesadorm): a long-time friend of Sharkey’s and producer of the intricate sounds and timbres that weave in and out of the soundscape, Brooke plays the role of ‘guardian of space’. A new acquisition for Babylegs Records, Brooke is grateful to be releasing this song with the label who have been in her words, ‘a wonderful container of musical appreciation and kindness’.

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