Track of the Week: ‘Show and Tell’ – Queen Cult

LGBTQ+ identifying, racket making femme-queer fronted four-piece Queen Cult release their sophomore single ‘Show and Tell’. Based in Cheshire, they are an unfiltered pop-rock ensemble – led by frontwoman Maisie Johnson’s mellifluous vocals and Leila Jacklin’s bass riffs – the fierce new song has an unsparing regard for political correctness as the band details their candid struggles with the British government’s response to the pandemic. With broad references panning across No Doubt, Paramore, Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves, their new single does not disappoint.

Maisie explains, “Show & Tell was written in such unprecedented times during the pandemic, when we were feeling the most physically and mentally tested by the world – not only from our own point of view, but everyone around us too. The song details our struggles and our perspective on the government’s response to the pandemic. Living in a small town, we watched nothing get done by the floppy haired twit. As Mary Antoinette once fed brioche to the poor…we sat hopelessly watching the news and thought, “why don’t we just eat some cake?”

Listen here:

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