Introducing… Luis Ake

10-tracks long, Liebe, or ‘Love’ in English, is a groundbreaking body of work from Luis Ake who continues to grow as an artist with each release whilst expanding the very definition of German pop. Ake (musician and producer) is known for his genre-bending, convention-defying and out-of-the-box musical creations. He’s made a name for himself by effortlessly moving through the imagined boundaries between genres, crossing them and connecting the unexpected unlike anyone else, transcending genre altogether. Now, the prince of Synth-Pop returns to offer up his long-awaited second album, Liebe.

Lyrically captivating and conceptually complex, Liebe sees Luis Ake cleverly explore the dimensions of our being as humans in search of an explanation for what we understand as romantic love and its manifold mysteries.

“For me, pop music is an art form that is not exclusively about music,” – Luis Ake

Listen here:

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